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868 How the leaf storage drawer works

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

A dining table that we built from solid local northwest alder. It measures 38 x 84 x 30h and has (4) 6-inch wide leaves which store inside the table. What appears to be a drawer at this end conceals the leaf compartment.

A "drawer front" is fastened to a piano hinge, and is held in place by two strong earth magnets.

The breadboard end slides out on these two very sturdy leaf arms.

Sliding out the leaves for one end

Here it can be seen that there is a tongue and groove fit between each part.

The small block in the center of each groove serves to hold the leaves fast from being shoved side to side. There is a corresponding notch on each tongue.

These fit together with a very simple friction fit. In our experience, we find that they stay in place while dining.

All of our furniture is made to order, with custom sizes possible, and choice of color and distress level. This is table #868. Prices are based upon size, number of leaves, and complexity of construction. See Table #868 in our online store

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