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If you want it to look like pine, don't build it with pine.

This is a recent new design -- the goal was to make a cabriole leg table with a simple apron, graceful apron / leg transition, and simple hand carved bead around the perimeter. We also needed a design that could be built as an extension table via one or more center-opening leaves, or an end-opening extension table with pull-out ends.

The prototype shown here is 36 x 72 x 30h with no leaves. An added bonus of this design is generous legroom -- the overall height floor to top is 30 in and the floor to apron measurement is 25 1/4.

End view shows splines between boards

This is a plank-look top, with a separate-board look. In reality, these boards are joined tightly together, and only the top 1/16 or so is "open", and this is filled with putty for an easily clean-able surface. These "gaps" between the boards will never open up.

This is the very lightest color we can achieve in a living finish. The effect is reminiscent of antique heart-pine furniture. The wood is solid alder, which we believe gives a much more convincing impression of heart pine than does pine itself, which is too orange and has too many large knots.

Showing round pegs -- in times past, these were used to hold the boards together. Showing also 1/2 in square "patches" that would be typical for repairing small damage on antique pieces.

Here is a link to pricing on this piece -- contact us for leaf options if desired.

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