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791 Sexy legs support a French extension table with a chevron top.

The idea behind this piece was to take the delicacy and curves on one of our other cabriole leg tables and combine that leg type with a straight simple apron for an easy extension table.

To jazz things up a bit, we chevronned the top. This photo shows one leaf in place in the center. This is built of solid alder, as are many of our pieces with a distressed or antique finish.

Shows close view, leg at corner. High studio lighting makes this appear to have more gloss than it does in real life.

A favorite feature of this design, for me, is seeing the thickness of the apron / leg, which gives it heft and extra shape.

The table goes to a 1920's era home with a long narrow dining room. The caramel color here closely resembles the house baseboards and will harmonize in the room.

This particular one starts off small (74 x 34) and opens with one or two 23-inch leaves.

Both leaves in - open length is 120 in. Below are some under-construction shots. The chevrons were built of shop-milled solid alder, 3/4 thick, with a relief at the bottom to prevent warping. During the finishing process, if it is to be a distressed finish, these are exposed to a lot of water and some high heat, and solid wood withstands the assault. We do expect and count on some slight distortion of the boards, which give it character. As always, we expect some seasonal movement and build in the potential for each board to expand and contract along its width.

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